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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Friends of Charlestown Dog Parks Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the Friends of Charlestown Dog Parks occurred last night at the Zelma Lacey House at 6pm. 12 members were in attendance. Several ideas were brought up, including an "April Stools" cleanup in town (in light of the relative MESS that is Charlestown right now and in the spring when the snow melts), Monday night gatherings with coffee at Paul Revere (starting in the early spring), and a discussion about installing a bench at the 'dog park' on Medford Street.

The board is making slow progress in getting the state/city to respond to the need for a dog park, but progress still.

Our Virtual Dog Park

Our Virtual Dog Park

The Basics

Over the last few years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of residents owning dogs in Charlestown. This has at times caused tension amongst residents. In order to improve the quality of life for all Charlestown residents we believe the establishment of a dog park will enhance the character of the town.

Goal: To establish a fenced in, off-leash dog park where Charlestown residents and their dogs can socialize and exercise in a clean, safe, and controlled environment.


Double gate at entrance

Minimum of 4’ vinyl coated Chain link fence

Drinking water source for dogs and owners

Waste bins and supplies

Shade trees and nighttime lighting

The park should be divided into two sections (small dog/large dog areas)


Owners are responsible for their dogs and any injuries caused by them.

Maximum of 3 dogs per person.

Dogs must be properly licensed.

Puppies using the park must be at least four months old.

Animals must wear a collar and ID tags at all times – no pinch, spike or prong collars while inside the dog park.

Owners must closely supervise their dogs, and at no time should an owner leave the run without their dog(s).

Owners must carry a leash at all times. Dogs should be leashed before entering and prior to leaving the park.

Children under 8 years old are not allowed in the dog park.

No female dogs in heat may enter the run at any time.

Owners must clean up after their dogs and fill any holes your dog digs.


Promotes responsible pet ownership.

Reduce the number off-leash dogs from infringing on the rights of other community residents and park users such as joggers, small children, and those who may be fearful of dogs.

Promotes public health and safety.

Provides a tool for realistic enforcement of dog control laws.

By their mere presence, groups of dog owners (and their dogs) help deter crime, and frequently act as the eyes and ears for the police.

Dog runs bring people together and create a greater sense of community.

Mayor Menino, in January 2006, signed the Dog Recreation Space Ordinance, essentially encouraging dog owners and non-owners to craft sensible neighborhood specific solutions to Boston’s growing urban dog recreation needs.

Some Background

In the past there have been attempts made by citizens to create a dog park in Charlestown. Recently, DCR has revisited the design and future use of Paul Revere park and thus, the door for a discussion about the formation of a dog park has been reopened.
Over the next several years the space behind the finished section of Paul Revere Park will go through some drastic changes, making it a heavily traveled pedestrian way. Footpaths and bridges will traverse the landscape, connecting Charlestown's green space to the North Point Park as well as to the North End greenway. It is critical that before ground is struck in December, we get a space carved out for a dog park in what will be a truly wonderful mass of green space in our backyard.
The timing for the creation of The Friends could not be more appropriate due to the DCR's revisiting of Paul Revere Park's design, but now, more than ever, the need for a dog park for Charlestown residents is strong. Charlestown's budding canine population calls for the creation of a space where dog owners can safely exercise their dogs away from public spaces meant to be enjoyed by non-canine residents. Using the South End's Peter's Park as our inspiration, The Friends Of The Charlestown Dog Park vows to firmly lobby for the creation of this well needed public access venue.
Below is an overhead of Paul Revere Park. The outlined parcel is a plot of land that the Friends think would make an excellent area for the park based on the fact that it would not be a premium area for pedestrian foot traffic and because it is already fenced off. However, the Friends are open to suggestions from the powers that be on where a dog park may be carved out...
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